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Lefebvrist Bishop says No Reconciliation with Rome- 091505
Vatican Official Sees Broader Use of Latin Mass - 092605
Interview with Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos, President of Ecclesia Dei - 083105
A Break In The Logjam? - 012306
Pope, Curia to Discuss SSPX Reconciliation - 020306
No Compromise with Vatican says SSPX Leader - 020706
Pope, Curia to Hold Talks on SSPX and Reforms - 031706
Talks Continue Between Vatican, SSPX - 092206
Vatican Official - Pope to Loosen Restrictions on Use of Old Latin Mass - 101106
Pope will Broaden Use of Latin Mass - 101106
Pro-Multis means "For Many," Vatican Rules - 111806
Limit Role of Extraordinary Ministers, Vatican Tells US - 102606
In France, Cardinal Arinze Decries Liturgical Abuses - 102706
Vatican Affirms US Bishop's Excommunication of Lay Group - 121106
Personal Parish for French Latin Mass Catholics
Archbishop Ranjith: the Holy Father Must Decide - 022307
Cardinal Confirms Plans to Revive Latin Mass - 052107
Pope Scraps 40 Year Restriction on Latin Mass - 070707
Schismatic Nuns Return to the Church - 070907
That priory which was promised back in 1993 - actually, well before '93.
Msgr. Calkins on the Mass, the Council and Traditionalists
Fatima Conspiracy Theories Crumble - Sr. Lucy Speaks
Use of the Tridentine Mass without Indult
Custom and the 1962 Missal
Schismatic Groups Coming Home, Vatican Reports - 011308
Vatican Official: Church Should Reconsider Communion in the Hand - 013108
Map location of Mel Gibson's church
Pope to Cancel Excommunications of Rebel Bishops
Bishop Fellay's Letter to Swedish Television Station
Rome has Lifted Excommunicatons
Article says SSPX Still In Schism
Vatican-Pius X Society Talks Set for October
Williamson Ousted


John (circa 1994)

Today (12-30-13) I received the distressing news of the passing of F. John Loughnan who I have known through the Internet since at least 1999.
John wrote of the experiences of he and his dear wife Norma with the SSPX.  This was how we met over the WorldWideWeb.
John turned out a prodigious amount of articles regarding the Catholic Church and the many problems It faces.
His website, which is still up, is at http://jloughnan.tripod.com/index.htm  Reading the material he has posted there is a real adventure and a blessing for anyone interested in Catholicism.
John is going to be sorely missed.  May the Good Lord bless and keep him and provide him with a place of light and comfort now that his earthly journey is finished.
Please keep his dear wife Norma and the rest of his family in your prayers.  Please pray for the respose of his soul.  Requiescat in pace John.
You were a good friend, and though we never had the opportunity to meet in this life you will be fondly remembered with the hope we will be able to meet in the next.





Its Underlying Spirit Of Deception!

The Society deceitfully claims to follow the teachings of Pope St. Pius the Tenth.  Hear then what this great Pope had to say about Modernists when speaking of Obedience to the Church.

Jesus said to His Apostles, "Whoever listens to you, listens to Me; Whoever rejects you, rejects Me; And Whoever rejects Me, rejects Him who sent Me."

Obedience to the Magisterium of the Church and especially to Her visible leader, the Pope, is an essential criterion for faithfulness to God.  Pope St. Pius X emphasized this in a speech on May 10, 1909, when he said "Do not allow yourselves to be deceived by the cunning statements of those who persistently claim to wish to be with the Church, to love the Church, to fight so that people do not leave Her... But judge them by their works.  If they despise the shepherds of the Church and even the Pope, if they attempt all means of evading their authority in order to elude their directives and judgments..., then about which Church do these men mean to speak?   Certainly not about that established on the foundations of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the cornerstone."  (Eph. 2:20)

All this, the Society of St. Pius the Tenth has done; all this the Society of St. Pius the Tenth continues to do.  The Society of St. Pius the Tenth may be many things, but, what it is NOT, is Catholic.

Why this site?  Before you contact me, click Site Purpose here or the link in the Navigation Bar.

Catholics who patronize the Society of St. Pius X need to know three things that have serious consequences for them.

  1. A Catholic does not fulfill his Sunday obligation at a Society Mass.

  2. Confessions by Society priests are invalid.

  3. Marriages performed by Society priests are invalid.

We're not just saying illicit here, we're saying invalid.  Information on all this is contained within the material on this site.  Click on the links in the Navigation Bar at the left for information.

Disclaimer from this site's creator, Mr. William P. Grossklas (for information on Mr. Grossklas click on the link About Site Originator in the Navigation Bar at left): Many items on this site were penned by different authors besides Mr. Grossklas. The inclusion of any article is for informational purposes only and does not imply an endorsement, by the site's creator, of all the information contained therein.

Do yourself a favor and visit John Loughnan's website, especially this interesting page which he calls a Cheatsheet on the SSPX.  I think you'll find it of interest.

http://jloughnan.tripod.com/chetshet.htm (John's home page is http://jloughnan.tripod.com/index.htm)

Fidelity Magazine Articles

For reprints of these articles contact Fidelity Press, 206 Marquette Avenue, South Bend, IN 46617, telephone (219) 289-9786.

Click on the links in the article descriptions below or in the Navigation Bar at the left to read these articles.

THE SOCIETY OF ST. PIUS X GETS SICK The October, '92 exposé that blew the cover of the Society and first gave nationwide exposure to their anti-Catholic actions.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, DECEMBER 1992 - in response to "The Society of St. Pius X Gets Sick." These include the responses of Frs. Angles and Scott.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, FEBRUARY 1993 - further responses to the October, 1992 article "The Society of St. Pius X Gets Sick."

Part 1 THE TRIDENTINE RITE CONFERENCE AND ITS SCHISMATIC COUSINS - February 1993 issue.  On this page is also made mention of Fr. Nicholas Gruner's status with the Church as well as an article on the suspension of Gruner by Pete Vere.  This page also contains a link to information on the revered Michael Davies.



COMMENTARY: By Dr. E. Michael Jones; entitled HOW I WON THE DEBATE - October 1993 issue - Comments on a debate with Michael Davies, an apologist for the SSPX

MARCEL LEFEBVRE: SIGNATORY TO "DIGNITATIS HUMANAE" - March 1994 issue - though Lefebvre and de Castro Mayer denounced the Declaration on Religious Liberty, both signed the documents promulgated by the Second Vatican Council.

THE STORY OF THE VANISHING SCHISM: The Strange Case of Cardinal Lara - March 1994 issue - Illustrates how the Society uses lies, distortions, misquotes and incomplete quotes to try to prove their claims of legitimacy.

IN THE LINE OF FIRE: FR. JOHN RIZZO, EX-SSPX - May 1995 issue - The story of Fr. John Rizzo and his leaving the Society of St. Pius the Tenth.

NO ORDINARY BISHOP - June 1995 issue - Some background on the excommunicated Society bishop, Richard N. Williamson.

THE VANISHING SCHISM REVISITED: WILL THE REAL CARDINAL CASTILLO LARA PLEASE STAND UP (AGAIN)? - November 1996 issue - How the Society still deceitfully misrepresents (lies about) the eminent canonist and his position concerning the Society's schism and the excommunication of Society bishops.

A review, by Andrew Tardiff, of the book by Charles P. Nemeth THE CASE OF ARCHBISHOP LEFEBVRE: TRIAL BY CANON LAW - March 1995 issue.


 Misc. Articles
Click on the links in the article descriptions below or in the Navigation Bar at the left to read these articles.



A Canonical History of the Society of St. Pius the Tenth.  This web page also contains the pertinent information on the Canonical suppression of the Society by Rome.  This information will be sufficient for all but the most rabid and die-hard supporters of the Society.  Click on this link, CANONICAL HISTORY of SSPX, or the one in the Navigation Bar.

The PROTOCOL worked out with the Vatican and signed by Lefebvre - by James Akin.

The Motu Proprio ECCLESIA DEI issued by his holiness Pope John Paul II after the 1988 episcopal consecrations.

Text of the formal DECREE OF EXCOMMUNICATION of Lefebvre and those involved with the illicit episcopal consecration of 1988.

THE DECLARATION BY THE PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR THE INTERPRETATION OF LEGISLATIVE TEXTS on the Lefebvrite Schism - written in 1996.  Further confirmation from Rome leaving no doubt that the Society is in schism.

ARCHBISHOP LEFEBVRE AND CANONS 1324:4° AND 1324 §1:5° - by Peter Vere - why the excommunications of Lefebvre and the others are, indeed, valid.

An item explaining why Catholics cannot invoke CANON 844.§2 to receive the sacraments from Society priests.

A LETTER to Cardinal Ratzinger, in August 1998, again emphasizing the Society's schism and the consequences for laymen who patronize the SSPX.

ITALIAN POLICE name Society as a cult to be watched.

From down under; experience with the SSPX IN AUSTRALIA by F. John Loughnan.

An article by Stephen Ho of Singapore: THE SSPX VIS-A-VIS VATICAN I.

An alleged meeting between Archbishop LEFEBVRE AND PADRE PIO.


An article on "traditionalism" by Colin B. Donovan, STL from FAQ at EWTN - TRADITIONALISM: TRUE AND FALSE. 

Received as an e-mail, this item shows the convoluted reasoning used by the SSPX hierarchy, specifically, Bishop TISSIER DE MALLERAIS, to try to justify its status.

HABEMUS PAPAM? - an article by Karl Keating from the July/August 1995 issue of This Rock - explodes the sede vacantist nonsense that there is no reigning Pope on the Chair of Peter.

A look at a couple of attacks upon Pope John Paul II concerning the "MARK OF SHIVA" and "NUDITY" at a Mass in Papua, New Guinea in 1984.

And what's going on with Michael Davies?  Is he really in the Church or in some other camp?  Here's something to consider: MICHAEL DAVIES. Written before he passed away in 2004.

And as long as we've mentioned the late Mr. Davies, here's the truth about that UNA VOCE letter of Msgr. Camille Perl that the "traditionalists" keep falling back on for some slim shred of legitimacy in claiming that they fulfill their Sunday Obligation with groups out of communion with Rome, such as the SSPX.

An item on "Fr." M. E. MORRISON who operates the TRADITIO website; a collection of Tridentine Mass centers; legitimate and illegitimate.

Part of the so-called "traditionalist" movement is a group know as OLD CATHOLICS. They are out of communion with Rome and are known by many, many other names. To get a handle on this schism/heresy, visit this site. Also this site contains a listing of the some "churches" which are NOT CATHOLIC and which you may come across.

In this link is the letter of Mr. HOWARD WALSH (of Keep the Faith) who wrote to the members of his chapel (Our Lady of Fatima - OLFC) in 1994, which at the time it was considering whether to align itself with the Society of St. Pius the Tenth or the Fraternity of St. Peter to service their chapel. Comments follow the letter.


CUSTOM AND THE 1962 MISSAL - Fr. John Huels, a professor of canon law at Saint Paul University, published an advisory opinion with Canon Law Society of America addressing errors on the use of the 1962 Roman Missal. One of these errors is the claim that every priest has a right to celebrate Mass according to the 1962 liturgical books.  Also see Fr. Huels opinion in LATIN MASS WITHOUT THE INDULT.

EXCOMMUNICATION OF LEFEBVRE FOLLOWERS.  See MISC. ARTICLES - Decree of Excommunication in the Navigation Bar.

The Motu Proprio ECCLESIA DEI of Pope John Paul II concerns the excommunication of Lefebvre and his fellow SSPX bishops.  See Ecclesia Dei - Apostolic Letter of John Paul II near the top of the Navigation Bar.

THE BISHOP AND THE PROTOCOLS on Bishop Richard N. Williamson and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

A page on the non-Catholic group called the FRATERNITE NOTRE DAME, now ensconced in Chicago as well as New York.

An article on the excommunication of Archbishop THUC.

The suspension of Fr. Nicholas Gruner as anounced by Rome (GRUNER - Fr. Nicholas Gruner) and the Wanderer article on (GRUNER - Canon Law and Gruner Suspension) concerning it.

CARDINAL ALFREDO OTTAVIANI repudiates his "Intervention."

Jury Finds Church Liable for Slander, Distress - Post Falls, Idaho

1996 NEBRASKA EXCOMMUNICATIONS ALLOWED TO STAND BY ROME - the excommunication of people patronizing about a dozen groups including Masons and the SSPX by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz are upheld by Rome.


Links to other sites concerning the Schismatic Society of Pius X (SSPX) and other topics - click on these addresses.

Visit the site of Mr. James Akin.  His site contains a lot of good information and answers a lot of questions Catholics have about a variety of subjects.  http://www.cin.org/users/james/
Also, Mr. John Loughnan of Australia has an excellent resource site as well.  You can visit John's site at http://jloughnan.tripod.com/index.htm
http://matt1618.freeyellow.com/TRADIT.html  U.S.A. - Matt's Catholic Apologetics Page
Because I have received numerous inquiries concerning what's supposedly happening at Medjugorje, here some links to sites with factual information -
A dynamite treatise by I. Shawn McElhinney on the SSPX and "traditionalism."   Explodes many of the myths held by the pseudo-traditionalists who continue to call themselves Catholics but have more in common with Protestants and other schismatics.  This is an excellent link for anyone wanting indepth information on the Society of St. Pius the Tenth, Lefebvre and all the bogus arguments which are used by so-called "traditionalists" and their allies against the Catholic Church.  This site provides the details which show that, without a doubt, the Society is out of communion with Rome and is, in fact, both de facto and de jure, in schism and its bishops excommunicated.  As time goes by, it becomes even more apparent that the Society does not have either an ecclesiastic or theological leg upon which to stand.  Except for blinder-wearing, die-hard, Society supporters and their hangers-on, Shawn McElhinney's work will dispel all doubts on the subject.  "A Prescription Against Traditionalism:  http://matt1618.freeyellow.com/shawn.html
http://jloughnan.tripod.com/index.htm  This is a link to a site an ex-patron of the SSPX, John Loughnan, created.  Do yourself a favor and visit it.  You will find it of interest.
An article entitled "My Journey Out of the Lefebvre Schism" - a must read.  Click on the following link to get to it.  ttp://www.envoymagazine.com/backissues/4.6/lefebvre.htm
The Wanderer Newspaper  A solid Catholic newspaper - for over a hundred years providing the news Catholics need.
Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei  http://www.ecclesiadei.org/ 

AGENDA - Some of the Sections of the Original 1993 Newsletter
Click on the AGENDA links in the article descriptions below or in the Navigation Bar at the left to read these articles.

Section 1  About the Agenda newsletter; the Chicago SSPX mission;  odds and ends about the Society - The Poem of the Man-God, about Maria Valtorta and what the Church says about the book;  Medjugorje & Garabandal; the Society and property; the Society and the Indult; Catholics, involment with the Society and doubtful situations.

Section 2  Growth of the Society; enemies of the Indult; Fr. Rizzo leaves the Society (and his letter); the legitimacy of Society Masses and whether Catholics can attend them; the St. Mary's affair and Fr. Rizzo; the atmosphere of St. Mary's under SSPX domination; loyalty and obedience to SSPX, not the Church; the Society, Pope Leo XIII and secular organizations; "supplied jurisdiction" and the "crisis" in the church.

Section 3  SSPX and Gallicanism (government, authority and God); Pope Leo XIII and the encyclical on Americanism - what it really says; DeLallo's book.

Section 4  The "dysfunctional" as Fr. Rizzo calls it, in the SSPX; is there a Society connection with occultists, Satanists and Freemasons?

Section 5  Retired professor of Canon Law, Count Neri Capponi and what he REALLY had to say about the Society - what the Society leaves out when they quote him; comments on the formation of the Society and some schismatic activities; some comments on the 1988 episcopal consecrations and the matter of necessity; on schism itself - what the Code of Canon Law says; the Society and annulments.

Section 6  The Society's schismatic allies; the Society and other "traditional" Mass sites; the Society's accumulation of properties; the SSPX and obedience to the Pope.

Section 7  The formerly deleted material at this location has been restored.

Section 8  The SSPX and jurisdiction; St. Mary's and how it attacks God and the family; Society disobedience and schism; jurisdiction and the matter of faculties; the Church's lawmaker; the matter of "necessity;" Catholics and the validity of the "new Mass;" how it affects salvation; the Tridentine Rite; the law of the Church concerning the validity of the sacraments of Penance and Matrimony; Canon Law on the consecration of bishops; Canon Law on Papal Authority; Canon 1117 and how the Society's marriages and confession could become valid though illicit but the Society won't do it.

Section 9  The formerly deleted material at this location has been restored.

Section 10  A decree of excommunication in the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska; the Hawaii case; the Society is caught twisting the truth in the case of Fr. Gerald Murray; a listing of Fidelity magazine articles on the SSPX and other "traditionalists."

Gregorian Masses
There are now four groups listed which can say Gregorian Masses.

This site has what seems to be some interesting catechetical material.  You might want to take a look at it. 

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Fair use in the electronic age: Serving the public interest The primary objective of copyright is not to reward the labor of authors, but "...to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts."  To this end, copyright assures authors the right to their original expression, but encourages others to build freely upon the ideas and information conveyed by a work.  This result is neither unfair nor unfortunate.  It is the means by which copyright advances the progress of science and art. -- Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (Feist Publications, Inc. v. Rural Telephone Service Co., 499 US 340, 349(1991)

"The genius of United States copyright law is that, in conformance with its constitutional foundation, it balances the intellectual property interests of authors, publishers and copyright owners with society's need for the free exchange of ideas.   Taken together, fair use and other public rights to utilize copyrighted works, as confirmed in the Copyright Act of 1976, constitute indispensable legal doctrines for promoting the dissemination of knowledge, while ensuring authors, publishers and copyright owners appropriate protection of their creative works and economic investments.

The fair use provision of the Copyright Act allows reproduction and other uses of copyrighted works under certain conditions for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship or research.  Additional provisions of the law allow uses specifically permitted by Congress to further educational and library activities.  The preservation and continuation of these balanced rights in an electronic environment as well as in traditional formats are essential to the free flow of information and to the development of an information infrastructure that serves the public interest.

It follows that the benefits of the new technologies should flow to the public as well as to copyright proprietors.  As more information becomes available only in electronic formats, the public's legitimate right to use copyrighted material must be protected.  In order for copyright to truly serve its purpose of "promoting progress," the public's right of fair use must continue in the electronic era, and these lawful uses of copyrighted works must be allowed without individual transaction fees."

(The above statement was developed by representatives of the following associations: American Association of Law Libraries, American Library Association, Association of Academic Health Sciences Library Directors, Association of Research Libraries, Medical Library Association Special Libraries Association in a working document dated 1/18/95) -- Excerpted from Free Republic. http://www.freerepublic.com/home.htm

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